Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2010

Warrington continues to steadily move forward towards building a community. In 2010 one of members decided to focus on First Day school and has started a vibrant program that children look forward to attending. We regularly have 4 or 5 children attending. We also continued our periodic breakfast discussion groups, and held our 2nd Annual Meeting Picnic. And we’ve started an initiative to donate to a “people” oriented charity in the Spring and an animal/environmental cause in the Fall. We donated to student nurses from the local community college going to Africa and a local animal shelter in 2010. We also added a new member in 2010. And we had another wedding in the Meetinghouse.

Perhaps small steps, but we are a small Meeting. And, although we live throughout the area, we are developing more of a community. That sense, became clear, during events like our visioning process meeting with travelling ministers from BYM, and our annual Candlelight Service. Warrington is a Meeting, but also a “home away from home.

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